Sorcery, magic and simples…

There is a wonderful world of secret gardens in Cahors that take you into its medieval history in a way that architectural remnants can’t by themselves. We collected a map from the tourist office on Diny’s recommendation and followed the bronze markers embossed with an acanthus leaf design on our magical tour.

Each garden evokes its own specific medieval past. There are the gardens that recall the various orders of monks and nuns, their herbariums, vegetables and bee keeping. There are the scented gardens of delight of the ladies of Cahors, the spice gardens recalling the spice merchants, the Crusaders and their military post and courtyard garden. An Italian inspired garden reminds us of the bankers from Lombardy and their glory – and later infamy. There are little gardens – only a planter pot or two, and big gardens – like the one climbing all the way down the hill to the riverside by way of four terrace gardens honouring the ferrymen. There are gardens recognising pilgrims who’ve been travelling through here even before it became a stop on the way to St Jacques de Compostela. And they still travel through here. There are gardens for contemplation, and gardens for lovers. And being back in the Middle Ages, there is the witches’ and dragon’s garden.

The pictures only tell a very small part of the story, and in fact we weren’t even able to visit all of the secret gardens, but here are some of them to pique your interest. It’s a bit of a walk, so don’t rush. Smell the roses if you can…

Heather and Tina

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One Response to Sorcery, magic and simples…

  1. Melanie says:


    It appears you are still reliving your journey through blogging and photography for our amusement. And for this, we are grateful.

    That sounds a magical garden adventure .. and makes ours look darned uninspiring! Hmm, next garden makeover may need to be more adventurous. Or perhpas Loombah will be transformed soon?

    Au revoir!

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