Ghost train ride

Each of our 5 days of sightseeing began with a ride on the driverless Metro – very appropriately named as there was no driver. It was quite disconcerting at first to get into the front carriage of a train and see straight out the front window. Nobody at any controls. Reminded Tina of a movie she saw when she was a kid about a ‘ghost train’, and reminded Heather of Back to the Future.

We were returning home one afternoon when a group of young people boarded at a stop and proceeded to sing a rousing song. It was all in French of course so we had no idea what they were saying, though some other people in the carriage appeared to sing along at one point. It continued for a few more stops when it was time for us to get off. To our surprise they got off too but their welcoming committee was a group of about 8 policemen who followed them out and up the escalator to the police station at the top. We followed both police and singers.

They continued to sing outside the police station where more police came out and stood with arms crossed and faces stern. One of them was video-recording the songsters. We kept heading home and left the singers singing and the police policing as we didn’t want to get mistakenly embroiled in anything and end up on the intermational news. We had no idea what it was about and certainly didn’t want to be around if it turned ugly. It was interesting though while it lasted.

Tina and Heather

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One Response to Ghost train ride

  1. Mel says:

    OMG – a driverless train!! Pardon my ignorance but well done you for giving it a go!

    Whatever happened to steam and coal, I say.

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