Maison Magnolia

Our abode for the next five days was at this lovely B&B run by an ex-pat British couple Kevin and Carole. An added bonus was their dog, Jim, with an interesting mark on the top of his head and with whom we both fell madly in love. And of course Milo and Millie, the 2 cats.

Set on about 4 acres just outside Ceret, the house was a large Spanish-style property (quite fitting considering the Spanish border was only half an hour away) and surrounded by bushland. There was a huge pool which Jim took regular dips in and managed to do about 6 laps around each day.

For the rest of the week we were treated with such generosity and warmth it was impossible not to collect Carole and Kevin as new friends when we eventually left.

We’d plotted and planned about how we could kidnap Jim and take him back to Australia, but he had a chat to Kevin and told him he didn’t want to be taken in a suitcase with holes in it for his feet, so sadly (for us, not him), he’s still in Ceret. And we found out later he’d sworn undying love to the next guests as well… tart!

Tina and Heather

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