Interrupted Transmission

Dearly Beloveds

Apologies for our interrupted transmission but we have had the death of our hard drive to contend with. Hopefully we will be able to retrieve files and photos when we get back to Australia and will be able to ‘finish’ the trip if you are still interested…

Happy adventuring for us all in the meantime
Heather and Tina

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3 Responses to Interrupted Transmission

  1. Yes you must ‘finish’ the trip! I have missed my regular dose of France from you ladies. Enjoy the rest of your adventure :)

  2. Melanie says:

    Thank heavens you blogged and posted so many pics .. it would be horrible to lose it all. Let’s hope you can resuscitate your drive so we can see the complete adventures.

    Actually, you are due to be home very soon …

    Enjoy your return, ladies!

  3. Pat Dowling says:

    Have loved ‘armchair’ travelling with you. Do hope you will be able to give us more pics and musings of France: what about Paris? I’ve just seen “Midnight in Paris”, a wonderful nostalgia trip. Take it easy and be kind to yourselves when you return to Oz.

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