Shearing and swanning…

A couple of days after we arrived it happened to be Victor’s shearing day. Each llama has a turn on alternative years. Diny was the llama ‘hairdresser’ of the family so set about giving him his haircut with Louis nervously looking on… and thinking he was next. And yes, when llamas are scared, they do spit as Louis demonstrated. Heather was the bagger of the wool which would be handed on to a spinner…

We collected our friend Sharon from Agen a couple of days later after her hideous, almost non-stop trip from Australia to Paris, then train to Agen (via Bordeaux). Her head was spinning by the time she arrived.

A couple of nights later, Diny and Ben were hosting an Indonesian Dinner Night. They have a badminton court (which doubles as a petanque area) and the badminton club who play here were having one of their dinners. One member, another of their Dutch friends, is married to an Indonesian lady and they had brilliantly offered to cater for the banquet. (There seemed to be a lot of Dutch living in the Lot region). Another brilliant idea was to invite us! Mind you, it was a paying affair for dinner and wine but of course we didn’t mind one bit. It was a wonderful feast and we met some wonderful people and had a great evening. Unfortunately we were too busy enjoying ourselves and there are no photos. There were about 22 of us, sitting under a marquis with trestle tables stretched out. The food was superb and the weather was beautiful.

Our gite, a 2 bedroom cottage, was converted from an old barn with a beautiful swimming pool just nearby which we had to ourselves pretty much most of the time – especially as the weather warmed up severely for a stretch while we were there. So we would explore the countryside, go to markets and generally wear ourselves out and then come home and have lovely meals with all the fresh produce and enjoy every mouthful.

Tina and Heather

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5 Responses to Shearing and swanning…

  1. Carol McDonald says:

    Hi Heather and Tina,
    I have just been having a catch up on your blog. Haven’t visited you since before we went to UK. It certainly sounds like you are having THE MOST MAGNIFICENT TIME!! Have really enjoyed your notes and pic as well. Love the history and scenery. We had a good trip in UK and saw a little of Scotland (but was raining there so didn’t stay) Visited towns in Scotland where Ferguson ancestors came from but didn’t do historical searches as that has been done and is available at our bi-ennial Ferguson reunion. Caught up with some friends in UK and they looked after us well, which was lovely. 5 weeks away not long enough, could have done with 5 months I think but still wouldn’t have seen everything I wanted to. Will watch for your next adventure. Wishing you all the very best from your cousin Carol

  2. Leeroy says:

    La, La, La Heather. It’s hard not to notice L’amie Sharon is right into her watercolours after only a day or so enveloped in La France’s artistic swoon, while La Belle Heather doesn’t seem to be worshiping much at the alter of La Muse d’eau. Ooh La La.

    Le Roi will have a word when you return.

  3. Mel says:

    Mon ami’s

    Has it been nearly 8 months already??!! Sacre bleu! We’ve failed to login for a while but glad to see where you are up to. (Trust Bette’s bottle was suitably fruity). It seems to have moved from decadence to sheer comfortable living over there for you two (et le Sharon).

    Each instalment is yet another tantalising morsel. What a wonderful experience for you both. Still enjoying it vicariously!


  4. Mel says:

    My bad. Correction – 6 months!

  5. Val says:

    Hi Heather and Tina – after what seems months of trials, tribulations and visitors, I have just been catching up on your travels. It all looks so wonderful and what a great blog you’ve sharing with us all. Thinking of you both xxx

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