Cherry festival in the cherry capital

Having decided that it was imperative that we attend the Annual Cherry Festival before we left, we headed into town on the Saturday morning.

It was unfortunate though that we only had a couple of hours. There was stall after stall of cherries, apricots and other bits and pieces – people selling cherry tarts, cherry jams and jellies, cherry bowls, cherry linen, cherry art, and cherry printed underwear, cherry beer (yes, you read it first here!), cherry wine and any other thing that could be remotely incorporated with cherries.

Cherry banners hung from the wires across the street. Marching bands paraded and tooted through the main drag. Stall owners spruiked and touted their cherries and wares. It was all so festive! Stall owners were dressed in some sort of cherry colour, and the town was crammed with young and old, visitors and locals, all in festive spirit.

But there was a downside. Because we had to leave that morning, we were going to miss the Catalan dancing and, worse still – the Cherry Seed Spitting Competition! – and, no, I wasn’t intending to enter. The pictures can speak for themselves this time. (And no, we didn’t photograph everything!)

Alas, it was time to go – what a bummer. So armed with a kilo of cherries and apricots we trundled out of town, driving west to our new nest in the western Pyrenees, Pierrefitte-Nestalas.

Tina and Heather

PS The apricots were so good they didn’t even make it to Pierrefitte!! We’d bought more cherries so they lasted until the next day. Wow they were good!

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4 Responses to Cherry festival in the cherry capital

  1. Pat Dowling says:

    Thanks again for your enticing descriptions of the beautiful French countryside: a real treat for us armchairs travellers who are also fascinated by all things francoises. The Cherry Festival and markets look delicious. Thanks again for all your wonderful photos. Pat D

  2. jan and russ says:

    Sooo, looking forward to seeing first hand all your cherry souveniers. Jan & Russ xxxx

  3. Leeroy says:

    We’ve also heard of another cherry seed contest in Bulgaria where the participants try to fill their mouths with as many pips as possible. I’d love to see some photos of the winners. Cherry-O, Lee

  4. Jebby says:

    Let me begin by saying I fell in love with Jim by long distance, and am disheartened by the truth of the state of the water of the Canal du Midi. Still sounded lovely. And all the cherry stuff sounds not only delicious, but fun. Apropos of art, if you are getting Aussie news, you will probably know that Margaret Olley died a few days ago, and today Edmund Capon announced his retirement. Dennis and I are off for a week at Hawk’s Nest on Monday. Not Ceret, but will be pleasant nonetheless. XX J

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