Dinner at Montcabrier

Another long clear evening, Diny and Ben took us with them to the Country Producer’s dinner at Moncabrier – another village nearby complete with beautiful church with statue of St Joan, school, and a museum of old maps and documents. The latter was closed, but we got to see the 14th century church of St Louis with its bell tower – room for 6 bells but only 3 there in good working order at this point. It is a bastide that dates from 13th century with a grid of streets around a central square.

This dinner is another example of the creativity of each of the towns or villages in the area to host something special over the summer so everyone will come and visit, hopefully fill the coffers of the town a little, but also appreciate the specialness each place offers.

Long tables were set up in the middle of the Place, with producers stalls all around the perimeter in front of the Church, the school and so on. There were the expected specialty breads, cakes and pastries, of course local wines, and perhaps less expected smoked trout, escargot (with real shells or with pasta shells) chevre (with honey for dessert) local sausages and even chips.

As the evening mellowed we were treated to live music, which mellowed diners and producers, some of whom also became dancers, until it was time call it a night – one to remember – with fine company and fine food!

Heather, Tina and Sharon

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