The island on the river Sorgue

The town is built on, over and around the river Sorgue. Everywhere you look the river is running next to, or near you, with ancient waterwheels slowing turning and ducks paddling. The purity and abundance of the water nurtured the community of fishermen and weavers who thrived here over the centuries and still have a presence here in the names of the streets and waterwheels that once powered mills for grinding grain, and weaving wool and silk – the economic backbone of a thriving town. Today there is still today very close relationship between the river and the town. Physically, branches and little canals weaving in and out through the town, disappearing under buildings and reappearing seemingly from nowhere. But the water is now a tourist drawcard as well. You’ll see why watching the little tour of the water ways and wheels in the picture gallery above – without captions for your leisurely enjoyment.

L’Isle Sur La Sorgue is also the biggest antique centre in Provence for professional collectibles antiques markets, but more of that later…

‘Chez Baroness’ is actually on the island section. It has low ceilings with exposed beams and low doorways. Conveniently located, it’s just around the corner (20 metres) from shops and where the Thursday and Sunday markets begin with so much fresh food and other goodies.

The second most important thing after unpacking our bags was to find a favourite restaurant – and we did exactly that on the first night. A gorgeous place with outdoor section right on the riverbank called ‘La Renaissance’.

When we arrived the weather was still a bit like our winter. Very cool at night but by late morning, warm enough not to wear a jacket. As the weeks have passed though we’re feeling summer gradually creeping upon us.

After settling in to ‘Chez Baroness’ we began the obligatory sightseeing tours of this magnificent countryside with its assorted ancient perched villages, fields of vines, orchards and farm houses. We’ll tell you about these in separate posts…

Tina and Heather

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2 Responses to The island on the river Sorgue

  1. Susan Merhi says:

    Hi Heather & Tina

    I have to agree with Fay when she described your blog as “a work of art”. I am enjoying reading it so much. You have brought back memories when I read about the island on the river Sorgue. I spent 2 weeks in Provence in 1995 and went there with my sister Nadia. Your pictures are just lovely. I hope you are going to put it altogether in a book when you return.

    Love Susan

  2. jan and russ says:

    What can we say but …. ooohhhh, aaaaggghhh. Not exactly eloquent, but wish we were there! Jan and Russ xxxx

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