Eze, 4000 years and still there

With our last bit of energy after the Euphrussi and Kerylos villas, we went on the long and very windy (as in twisting) bus ride up to the little village of Eze, perched precariously waaay up in the hills. (You’ll notice we didn’t take an establishing wide shot -Russell ex-Home & Away, would not be happy – any shots from the approach below just wouldn’t do it justice . You’ll just have to take our word for it – it’s a very ‘perched’ village – on a ‘perched’ scale of 1-10, it’s a 10 – and as if we needed more stairs!)

Heather had been here 18 years ago and remembered it before commercialism had set in. Amazing a sight as it is, there’s something about the numerous jewellery, faux art, trinket-selling and postcard shops that detracted from its ancient magnificence. But people still live here so this disjunction is inevitable. Eze has a history of inhabitance as far back as 2000BC. You can feel it in the stones… Here were grottos that once would’ve been the homes of ancient people (the hobbits of that day) with very small doorways and all built into the rock and mountain itself. Yet, had we stopped to look, we’re sure we could’ve found a snow-globe or two or more. (Take note Cindy).

As the cold mountain mist began to settle on us, the Baronesses clomped their very tired and sore feet down to the town and huddled in the bus shelter, very tired and suffering sensory overload. Forty-five tedious minutes later, the bus came and we wound off back to Nice.

Eze, History of the Old Village

Tina and Heather

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  1. Ginge says:

    Ooh la la! Magnifique! I’m enjoying the adventures and the photos so much!

    Ginge x x

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