Les Baronesses de Bilgola…

Tuesday saw us heading off to Cap Ferrat to see how the rich and famous live – well those who are more rich and famous than the Baronesses of Bilgola. The original idea was to catch the 81 Bus up to the mountain-top perched village Eze but Baroness Butler’s misreading of the bus schedule had us ending up on the 82 and heading off to see Baroness Rothschild’s (no relation to us) mansion – Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild – complete with every conceivable piece of priceless furniture (things once owned by Marie Antoinette and other past celebs), porcelain and other things that only we rich and famous truly appreciate. And the garden!! To die for! Our friend Vicki Jellis would be in 7th heaven. Really magnificent with its fountains and flowers and shrubs from all over the world – even grevilleas and bottle brush!! This woman definitely had good taste. (Mind you they have an army of people to maintain it – must go through gallons of ‘Roundup’ every couple of months. Needless to say we took photos until our cameras nearly went into meltdown but it still doesn’t capture the beauty of the place. Have a look at the website pictures from a different season, but it will given you even more of an idea – especially of the house.

After playing ladies again by having lunch in the garden, we trotted off to see another mansion not far away – Villa Kerylos – once owned by a Greek archaeologist Theodore Reinach. It was like going back a thousand years to my ancient history lesson. A bit austere for us – we liked our fellow Baroness’ more, and were worn out with taking photos there, so don’t have any to show you here. But look at that website and you’ll maybe you’ll disagree with us!

The day still wasn’t finished with us, but we’ll have to put that in another post because we’ve overdone the picture thing.

Euphrussi de Rothschild Villa:a Cote dAzur
Greek Villa Kerylos: A French Riviera Palazzo

Tina and Heather

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4 Responses to Les Baronesses de Bilgola…

  1. Heather says:

    Hi Heather and Tina

    Enjoying being with you as you travel around France. Isn’t it great to stumble upon such beautiful vistas, it’s so exciting! It seems every where you turn there is another adventure waiting for you, so it really doesn’t matter which bus you catch you’ll find another slice of heaven being revealed to you and us :)

    Thanks for sharing, Stephanie

  2. teresa says:

    What a fabulous place. I can feel the joy you felt being there. Great photos!

  3. Pat Dowling says:

    You are certainly there at the right time of the year to see the beautiful garderns and the fabulous floral displays. Thanks for the great photographic tour, and for sharing your travels; am enjoying every instalment.

  4. Val Evans says:

    Oh the garden looks magnificent – what a joy!! You ladies have done so much already – I am overwhelmed by such adventures. Keep it up:-)

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