A week before


It’s hard to believe – after 12 months of planning it’s now only 1 week away. The hideous stress of packing up the house is now only a memory… like most nightmares, you remember only certain parts… the glaring stares and the arguments… not to mention the GIANT MESS.

Our thanks again to Vicki & Kris who swooped with their trailer and helped with the cleaning in those last days of packing – saving us from certain distaster and embarrassment. Not only that but we were installed in the Executive Suite at the Rednal Street Hilton (with all of our mess) for an unprecedented 11 weeks. Now that would test any friendship and few people would dare to go there. Hopefully we’ll be able to make it worth their while when they visit us in L’Isle Sur La Sorgue.

Our final week is full with farewell get-togethers, walking my permanent 4-legged clients for the last time and Heather fine-tuning the communications department.

People keep asking ‘are you excited?’  We’ve had bouts when the realisation sets in but maintaining that level of excitement for that length of time would be totally exhausting… and I think I’d go more mad than I already am. I think I might actually get excited when my bum is in that Premium-Economy seat and I’m fossicking around for my Travel Scrabble.


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  1. Vicki "girlie" Jellis says:

    Girlie, girlie, short and curley,

    Just testing the blog, hope we get better at this

    • Vicki "girlie" Jellis says:

      Oh ‘you two’,
      We have told a few friends the ‘black coat’ story and everyone we relieved to know that it was remembered at Narrabeen and not as we entered the Sydney Harbour Tunnel.
      Our old routine continues, as you well know its every more, the weather hasn’t been the kindest for my gardening, but managed to dash between showers to get the jobs done. I heard today (March 31) that it as been the wettest March for some years, always good for the garden.
      I have attempted to Skype several times, but obviously not while the computer has been turned on, I thought it was on 24/7!! We will catch up soon for a talk.
      Just a little business – I went to Rosie’s today and signed the relevant papers, someone had to do it, everything is now finalised just make sure you get back here safely.
      I’m sure you will have lots to put on this site, so we’ll look forward to hearing about your first experiences on the other side of the world
      Take care and lots of love,
      Girlie and Krissy xxxxx

  2. Janrosie says:

    Hi Tina and Heather
    Enjoying your blog. Great writing and photos – well done you two. Looking forward to seeing you in September. Can’t wait!
    Love Jan and Rosie xx

  3. Carol & Kevin McDonald says:

    Dear cousin Heather and Tina,
    Thanks for sending this. Been great to share your experience and adventures. Love the pics too. Look forward to reading more later. We head off (in economy!!) for UK on Sun 1st May. Not far away now but we don’t have to pack up the house first! Only away on holiday for 5 weeks. Think we are pretty organized. Really looking forward to it. It’s our “trip of a life-time” We have 2 day stop over Dudai, fly into Manchester, hire car 21 days, visit friends (connection with cousin Geoff Ferguson) in Yorkshire for couple of days. Drive through Scotland, then south hoping to catch an aquaintance in Nottinghamshire, continue to Cornwall, stay with friends there few days, arrive London and return car. Staying 3 days near the Eye and catching Eurostar under channel to Paris for 3 days. Having 2 day stopover in Singapore, hoping to catch up with friend there if she’s not in KL for work those days. Arrive home 3rd June. Hope you continue to savour (and catalogue for others’ enjoyment as well) all the wonders of the foreign culture and your escpades over there.
    Love from your cousin Carol and Kevin McDonald

  4. Beverley Gibbs says:

    Heavens alive….just received your blog from Sarita…
    All new to me
    The class not so splendid without you…but very funny I think! Tell you sometime.
    Ah oui the gorgeous Matisse – my favourite human being/god
    Enjoy and look forward to Paris
    I am green with envy..
    Bev XX

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